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Photograph showing Claus Larsen and John R. Mirland and Am Tierpark logo

Who is Am Tierpark?

Vocal / lyrics : Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip - Klutae - Sequential Access) One of the "Godfathers" of EBM / Industrial

Programming and keys : John R. Mirland (Mirland - Holm/Mirland) Musician / programmer active in the Danish underground since the early 90's

Claus and John both share the love for pure melodic synth based music and the classic synths and on a fine sunny spring day April 9th 2015 while walking and chatting about music in Berlin Tierpark they formed Am Tierpark. Both had a gig on the following evening at Berlin's K-17 club as Leaether Strip and Holm/Mirland.

Am Tierpark creates music that is not over produced and drenched in effects and wants to introduce the sounds, melodies and lyrics crispy clear to the listener. Am Tierpark is all about the love of a good melody, synths and lyrics that touches the listener. Claus and John truly are musical soulmates.

In 2015 Am Tierpark signed a world wide deal with US label Distortion Productions.

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"No One Can Be Changed" (split 7" w. En Esch)
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"Uncaged" (album)
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"Climb To The Unknown"
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