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Photograph showing Claus Larsen and John R. Mirland and Am Tierpark logo

Danish synthpop duo

Vocal / lyrics : Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip - Klutae - Sequential Access) One of the "Godfathers" of EBM / Industrial

Programming and keys : John R. Mirland (Mirland - Holm/Mirland) Musician / artist active in the Danish underground since the early 90's

Claus and John share the love for pure melodic synth based music.

Am Tierpark creates music that is not over produced or drenched in effects. Am Tierpark wants to re-introduce the sounds, melodies and lyrics of early eighties italo, coldwave and modern dance music crispy clear to the ears of the listener.

Am Tierpark is all about the love of a good melody, synths and lyrics.

As of March 2017 Am Tierpark self release through their label "Læbel".


Things are changing in the camp of Danish synth pop duo Am Tierpark (Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip and John R. Mirland of Mirland). Having been represented by US label Distortion Productions for a while we have decided to start our own label - aptly called “Læbel” to handle all things Am Tierpark and whatever else we choose to work on.

To celebrate this we are releasing a five-track cover ep called “April Fool’s” on - yes you guessed it - April 1st! Featured originals are a.o. David Bowie’s “Cat People” and Judas Priest “Turbo Lover”.

Preorders are now open at Bandcamp.

"Uncaged" is now available through all international digital distributors - but if you buy through Bandcamp you support us directly - and we have an as unreleased track called "Tiger Tiger" included on the "XX" compilation.

You can still order the Cherry Blossom ep as vinyl (limited edition).

Watch our video for Cherry Blossom here:

Remember you can buy Am Tierpark merchandise through this page!

Am Tierpark discography

cover graphics for XX compilation album
"April Fool's"
Digital download
cover graphics for XX compilation album
"Tiger Tiger"
CD (limited edition)
cover graphics for Uncaged album
"Cherry Blossom ep"
Vinyl (limited edition)
cover graphics for Uncaged album
"No One Can Be Changed"
Vinyl (Limited Edition)
cover graphics for Uncaged album
"Uncaged" (album)
cover graphics for ES4 album
"Climb To The Unknown"

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